How much the agarwood price? is perhaps one of the big questions many consumers have when it comes to this high-value precious wood. Agarwood price depends on many factors such as fragrance, quality, and origin. So Agarwood price now has many different in the market.
Today, follow, we will learn about the price of this rare and precious wood.

Agarwood price in 2019?
Judged by many different criteria, on the market today, frankincense is divided into many different types. Type 1 frankincense ranges in price from 6000USD to 6500USD, an unimaginable figure that has been thousands and counted in dollars.

Artificial sandalwood or frankincense of type 2: These types of Agarwood are low-oil Agarwood, this scent will be less fragrant than type 1 agarwood so the price is cheaper. Frankincense type 2, 3 or artificial frankincense usually costs from 1000USD - 1500USD. With the high price of products, not everyone can admire or own one of the world's best woods. To buy real Agarwood price at a good , you should learn reputable places or have relatives recommend to buy frankincense at the best price.

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